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Off-campus access

Access to electronic resources (journals, ebooks, databases) is reserved for institutional users of the University of Turin, i.e. those with University of Turin login credentials (SCU)
To consult electronic resources outside the University or from a mobile device and allow web browsing to be recognised as coming from the Unito network, you can use:


Bibliopass is a service run jointly the Information Systems, Portal, e-Learning Department and the General Affairs and Cultural Heritage Department.
Log on to Bibliopass and follow our instructions guide.
According to contractual regulations not all digital resources can be accessed in this environment, but the Bibliopass menu groups them under the heading “Non accessibili con Bilbiopass” (“Not accessible with Bibliopass”) with directions for possible diversified access.
In case of malfunction problems, please fill in the "Bibliopass Helpdesk" form.
Proxy Unito is a browser configuration to be used only if certain resources are not present or are temporarily not accessible in Bibliopass.
This is a temporary change to the browser settings, so after closing the search session remeber to restore the original settings of your system to disable the proxy service.
For optimal use of the system, we recommend using the Firefox browser, following our instructions guide.
If you haven't already installed Firefox, you can find directions on how to do so on Mozilla's 'Installing and Updating' page (scroll down to find links to instructions for the main operating systems).
If you need to use other browsers, here are the settings for the most popular ones and for mobile devices:
- configurations for browsers other than Firefox: Chrome, Edge, Safari
- configurations for mobile devices: Android, iOS
When you have started the Unito Proxy, visit your library's website to find the pages dedicated to available online resources or the dedicated section within the Bibliopass menu (“Non accessibile con Bibliopass”, that is "Not accessible with Bibliopass")
Warning: do not use Proxy United and Bibliopass at the same time because the two systems conflict.
Both services require you to enter your login credentials.
For authentication problems, please consult the technical support of the Unito portal.
External users
External users, as “walk-in-users”, can only consult electronic resources from the University libraries' workstations or from the Unito 'guest' wifi.
For further information, please contact the libraries staff.
Electronic resources usage regulation
In order not to infringe the copyright covering all electronic resources available under the University contract, please remember to always respect the electronic resources usage regulation.