Electronic resources policy

University of Turin electronic resources policy**
The terms and conditions governing the use of electronic resources are defined in the License Agreements signed between the University and the Publishers. In case of violation, the publishers have the right to block the access to their own resources to all Academic users.
Licenses generally limit the access to authorized users only: professors, students, administrative staff of the University of Turin, all people who have a formal role in the University as a researcher or teacher, visiting professors and those who are occasionally allowed to access library services.
print or save a limited number of texts  print, copy or systematically download big amount of texts 
Use saved documents for personal, didactic or research reasons* commercial usage of text contents
share documents with professors, students and personnel of the University of Turin share contents with people who are not part of the University of Turin, unless a common research activity is formally established 
link specific contents in institutional web sites insert full works in web pages, modify, change or rebuild texts without permission
* we advise to check with the editor or to ask librarians whether or not the license allows uploading extracts (both digital or printed) into course packs. When not allowed, it is however usually possible to link directly to the resources or to the platform
** In accordance with the Article 1, paragraph 1 of the Decree-Law n. 72 of 22nd March 2004, as amended by the conversion law n. 128 of 21st May 2004, the University of Turin Library System reminds that all the electronic resources under contract are covered by copyright and limiting contractual clauses stipulated with the different publishers. Therefore, the redistribution or reproduction of full content in any form and for any commercial use without the express permission of the publisher is prohibited.