Library help

If you need a book or a journal, please consult first the University of Turin online bibliographic catalogue. Then, check whether the text you have selected can be accessed outside the Unito network or, for paper version, in which library it is available for consultation. Also, the online catalogue will let you know whether the chosen text can be borrowed or not.

In the University of Turin any library provides its own services, but in general the following are always granted:

  • Bibliographic search help. Users may carry out their research starting from a specific topic or they may already know the texts they need to consult
  • Book loan
  • Interlibrary loan. If the text you need is not in your library, it may be borrowed from another library on your behalf
  • Scientific article retrieval. If your library does not own the journal issue which contains the article you need, it may be borrowed from another library on your behalf
  • Text copying in compliance with copyright limits
  • UniTo internet access for both on-site computers and user electronic devices
  • Reserved access for disabled people

Eventually, for any questions, suggestions or requests, please write to: