Humanities Go Online

HUGO 2012-2014 - selection and acquisition of new tools for humanities research

In 2012 the University of Turin’s Library System managed a project for developing digital collections which aimed at analyzing, selecting, developing and promoting the digital library resources specifically dedicated to research and teaching purposes. Proposals for selecting the most relevant materials tied to the different fields of study were collected by the library personnel. Subsequently, contents, costs, contractual and technical aspects of the resources to acquire were examined. Usage statistics, surveys and questionnaires results collected during the trial period were taken into account, too. For more details, please read the history of Hugo.

Within the project aimed at enhancing the University of Turin’s digital collections to support the Academic research and education activities, in 2014 the University Library System adopted new databases to further improve the availability of bibliographic resources in the fields of humanities, law and social economics.

Complete list of the digital resources currently available for the humanities, law and socioeconomics:


Please consult the complete list of the bibliographic databases which are available at the University of Turin.