The University Library System is the coordinate group of libraries, and related facilities, in charge of preserving, developing, enhancing and managing both the documentary heritage and the access to the online resources of the University of Turin. This is accomplished in accordance to the different research, teaching, administration and evaluation needs of the University. By promoting the development and usage of its own heritage, the SBA is functionally embodied in local, national and international information systems. (University Statute - Art. 35).
The central bibliographic services are managed by the General Affairs and Cultural Heritage Office headed by Adriana Belli.
Prof. Luca Bertolino is both the Rector’s Delegate for coordinating and developing the University Library System and the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Library System Coordination.
The materials characterizing the educational and research offer of the University of Turin are hosted in different libraries in accordance with the different fields of study they belong to. In the Governing Board, the following fields are represented:    
Field 1: Mathematical, information and physical sciences
Field 2: Agricultural and veterinary sciences
Field 3: Biological, earth, pharmaceutical and chemical sciences
Field 4: Clinical and experimental medicine sciences
Field 5: Historical-artistic, literary-philological and early times sciences
Field 6: Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences
Field 7: Law, economical-statistical, political and sociological sciences
Field 8: Economical and statistical sciences
The organization of the Library System and its Regulations are currently under revision.