Journals are in paper or electronic format.

They can be found by searching their title in:

  • TROVA list of titles for online journals. Please keep in mind TROVA is able to put the journal search through Google Scholar, save quotations in your bibliography and show the journal Impact Factor. 
  • UniTo Catalogue. In case of paper journals, you may directly search the UniTO Catalogue. Just click on the title and see the library it is held in. Also, UniTO Catalogue helps users find online journals by clicking on TROVA button.                                  
  • Can’t find a journal? Please look it up in the Journal National Catalogue ACNP. With the article loan service, your library can ask for articles held in other Italian libraries on your behalf. Please click on TROVA button for online journals.   

Also, please use different search keywords in TUTTO for retrieving journals and articles you are interested in.

Please be aware that for consulting UniTo online journals outside the University network, the usage of a specific proxy service is required.