Digitized works

What is available in the University of Turin

Human and Social Science

Scientific field of study

  • Digital archive Cesare Lombroso / Neuroscience Department Library “L. Bergamini”
  • Digitized texts of the Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine central library:
    • Atlante di Anatomia Topografica degli Animali Domestici (Popesko P.)
    • Nomenclatura Anatomica Veterinaria Illustrata
    • Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and the Cat (H. Schebitz, H. Wilkens, 4. ed.) - prima parte: il cane.
    • Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and the Cat (H. Schebitz, H. Wilkens, 4. ed.) - seconda parte: il gatto.
    • Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of the Horse (H. Schebitz, H. Wilkens, 4. ed.)

    (Notice - The access to the last three above-mentioned volumes is limited. Please contact the Library of Agricultural Science and Veterinary)

  • Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico / Università e Politecnico di Torino
  • Le forme della Matematica. La collezione dei modelli di superfici del Dipartimento di Matematica / Maths Department Special Library
  • Iconographia Taurinensis / Vegetal Biology Department library (Complete digitization of the herbarium pictures showing the development of the botanic garden of Turin from 1752 to 1868. At the moment this resource can only be consulted in the above-mentioned library)
  • Collection of cd-rom of the Maths Department “Giuseppe Peano” (collection dedicated to the activity of the greatest Math professors of our University, their didactic manuscripts, letters, publications, journals exhibition catalogues, conference reports and didactic presentations which are held in UniTo Maths Special Library "G. Peano". All CDs can be consulted in the Maths library only).