Digital Library

The new Unito Digital Library is online.
The Digital Library is a project that collects and makes available online the digitized collections of the University libraries, to enhance their bibliographic heritage and with the ambition of contributing to the growth of the Italian and international community.
The Digital Library brings together the historical digitization projects Opal, DigitUnito and Digi15, which have been carried out by the University libraries since the early 2000s, prior to the publication of the National Plan for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage (PND) in 2022. In the launch phase of the Digital Library, care will be taken to progressively align the digital objects with the Guidelines adopted by the University Library System after the publication of the PND. To this end, you are invited to report any criticalities in the use of digital objects to (these criticalities will be forwarded to the relevant department).
At the same time, objects produced by ongoing digitization campaigns will be uploaded.
The possibility of hosting digitized collections in the Digital Library as part of research projects conducted at the University is also being studied.